10.30.15 Insight Post

God, the pacifier, and my attitude.

This week my wife, Jenny, and I are slowly taking the pacifier away from our daughter. Let’s say that it hasn’t gone as quietly as we both imagined it would go. Baby girl is showing her disapproval very LOUDLY. The looks that she gives mama and I when she wants paci is like she’s trying to break us so that we give in. “Paci” disappearing doesn’t make any sense to her. Baby girl doesn’t understand that we want what’s best for her short-term and long-term. Her disapproving looks show that she doesn’t appreciate the perspective that we have.

Being a dad has helped me understand our heavenly Father better. There have been, will be, and are times that God will do something that I don’t understand. It will make absolutely no sense to me or even those around me. I’ll hear things like “that’s just not fair to you” or “not really sure what God was thinking” or “you should have been treated better” or “they don’t know how hard you worked to deserve that.” I’m not sure if any of that matters. It’s easy for me to get defensive, pick a fight, and have a bad attitude. It sounds like my daughter having her paci taken from her.

No matter the amount of disapproving looks, I LOVE my daughter. I’m committed to GIVING her the things that she NEEDS to grow. I want nothing more for her than what’s best for her. Even more than what I could want for my daughter, God wants more for you and me. No matter how we disapprove of His design, He loves us. He’s committed to giving us the things that will help us grow in our commitment and dependence on Him. Growing people change!

Going through this situation with my daughter has allowed me to reconsider the way I handle the unwanted gifts God gives me.

Jeff Geyer

Associate Pastor

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