12.2.15 Insight Post

This is one of the most well known of Jesus’ parables. In that time a talent was a measure of weight and could have referred to gold, silver or copper. At today’s value, the value per talent of silver would be approximately $14,000. But the real issue in this parable isn’t the amount of money entrusted to the servants. The real issue is their faithfulness and effort. The first two servants went after the assignment full bore to please their boss. Jesus rewarded them with praise and more responsibility. The third servant merely buried the money and did nothing else…but make excuses. The owner was extremely displeased, took the money, and gave it to the first servant to handle. Harsh? Hardly. A servant’s role is to faithfully handle the tasks assigned.

As followers of Jesus, we have the privilege and responsibility to live in service to our Lord and Savior. All we have (our abilities, opportunities, and resources ) are to be surrendered to His will and purposes. We do this as a display of gratitude for His kindness in bringing us into His family as sons and daughters through Christ’s sacrificial death for our sin.

True followers do just that; follow God’s instructions. The first two servants proved that they were followers and experienced the joy that came from it. The third servant was merely a poser whose heart was set on his own agenda. He missed the opportunity before him and lost everything.

The question for you and me is what kind of servant are we? Are we ones that have surrendered ourselves to God and make His purposes ours? Or are we like the third servant, selective in what we will and won’t do based on our own wants and desires?


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