12.04.15 Insight Post

If you could use one word to describe this Christmas, what would it be? This was the question someone asked my wife I after waiting ten years to hear the sounds of our own baby girl on Christmas morning. The word that came to mind was fulfilling. Prior to having our daughter, my focus during Christmas was cheapened due to the idea of endless gift giving and attending numerous gatherings, which seemed to never have me feeling fulfilled.

Before Christmas comes around this year, I believe there are ways we can make this often competitive gift giving, commercialized holiday more fulfilling by giving more and receiving less. I know that may sound contradicting to what I said in my previous paragraph and here is how…

  • Support New Hope financially. We believe that we’re on target to help change the world and we need our help. God intended that the local church is funded through His people. You will grow to love the places where you invest your money.

  • Volunteer at New Hope. it is a great way to meet others, discover your gifts, honor Jesus, and be reminded of the beautiful diversity of God’s people. If you believe in our mission, then be a part of it.

  • Live in community. Life is better when you do life with others. Whether it is attending church, small group or Bible study, you grow in your relationship with Jesus with people around you who support you taking your next steps.

  • Most importantly, share Jesus (the reason for the season). The change Jesus brings to people is a lasting life change, Jesus changes us from the inside out. A relationship with Him can change one’s life.

Imagine what the holiday season will be like with these changes in our lives and community

Jeff Geyer

Associate Pastor

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