01-13-16 Insight Post

Today's post is from my executive assistant Tracey Casciano. She gets right to the point! rusty

Joshua 24

In this passage we see a firm reminder to LOVE our God.

As it starts out, Joshua calls together the people of Israel and reminds them of God’s mercies to their ancestors. He uses specific examples so there is no doubt as to God’s power and then he says, “So fear the Lord and serve him wholeheartedly.”

Joshua then explains that the people can not serve 2 gods and gives them a clear directive to turn away from any other ideas of a god and turn their hearts to the one true God. He then made a covenant with them to serve the Lord.

This is a good reminder for us. In today’s society we find ourselves worshipping or idolizing people or material things other than our one and only true God. No one has done as much for us and our ancestors as our God. He deserves our full, undecided attention and devotion.

Joshua’s simple message is very important: Love and serve your God with all your heart.

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