01-22-16 Insight Post

“The Great Commission.” When I hear those words, my mind begins to quote Matthew 28:18-20 word for word. It’s three verses that I haven’t forgotten but at times these words have lost meaning in my life. When we were reading through these verses this weekend during the message, my mind went somewhere else. I hope I don’t lose you.

Here’s where my mind went. After coming back from the dead, Jesus was with His followers for about 40 days (Acts 1:3). I’m sure there were a lot of things said between Jesus and His followers that we’re in the dark about. Out of all of the things said between them, His commissioning is one of the few things that stuck and made the cut to be in the Bible. To me, that means the “great commission” is very important and very relevant for us today.

Imagine with me how our homes, neighborhoods, communities, states, and countries would look like if this meant as much to us as it did the first followers. Think about the changes to our world as more people are added into God’s family and living out this commission. (I’ll let you think about what those changes would be. My list is fairly long!) As a husband and father, if I’m not reading the Bible, praying, living out His qualities, obeying His commands then it’s going to be hard for me to bring others in my life along for the ride with me.

We’re a team. This is our assignment. There’s plenty of work left to do. Let’s do it together just as Jesus intended!

Jeff Geyer

Associate Pastor

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