Option Two- Week of January 4th

Get Started:

What do you remember to be the greatest comeback in sports history? What made it a great comeback? What were the setbacks? How can sports be a picture of life?


Who loves a comeback?

How is a comeback a process?

What would be some setbacks this past year for you?

Take a moment to read Psalm 43:5.

How did the setback made the songwriter feel? Have your setbacks made you feel the same way? What does the songwriter promise to do? How easy is this to do?

With any comeback in sports, it only takes one play to get momentum on your side. In your life, how does having one conversation or meeting with Jesus turn your life/situation around?

Take a couple moments to read John 9:1-3. What do the disciples focus on? What does Jesus focus on? How will having Jesus’ perspective lead to a comeback? Why is it easier to see what we don’t have than to see what we do have?

Take a few moments to read John 9:3-5. What is Jesus’ purpose for the man’s setback (born blind)? Is there anything in your life that is too far gone that God can’t restore? How is this story more about Jesus than the man born blind?

Take a couple moments to read John 9:6-7. What did this man have to do to regain his sight? How does this small detail change things? Did this man have to do anything for his comeback? What can cost you your comeback?

Next Steps: Talk with your spouse, friend, small group, and/or small group leader about taking one of these next steps:

• Accept Jesus’ invitation and commit to following Jesus for the first time.

• Memorize Psalm 43:5.

• Learn and understand the story of Jesus healing the man born blind.

• Start a conversation with someone about your setbacks.

• Journal your comeback steps

• Ask God for courage to see your situation through His perspective.

• Ask God for faith to trust that He has a purpose for your situation.

• Ask God to forgive you of your pride (trying to do things on your own and without His or others’ help).

• Sign up for Financial Peace, Men’s One Day Retreat or Grief Share at New Hope.

• Attend Celebrate Recovery, a small group, or a connection group at New Hope.

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