3-23-16 Insight Post

As we have read, Ruth has had her life completely disrupted by circumstances as well as her choices. She didn’t choose to be a young widow but she did decide to care for Naomi and move away from her home country to care for her. We see no complaining on Ruth’s part (Naomi is another story!) just loyalty and hard work. Her faithfulness to her mother-in-law has caught the attention of the community as well as Boaz. God is keenly aware of her too. When Naomi tells Ruth to go to the farm’s threshing floor to see Boaz, she is invoking the rule of the “kinsman redeemer.” This was a practice in Israel where a near relative would come to the aid of a family member who had fallen on hard times. Ruth is learning about the new faith in God that she has adopted and no doubt this wasn’t easy for her.

As you read through chapter 3 this week, notice the character of Ruth and Boaz. Both show great humility and discretion. Both are aware of a sense of community, want to live lives that are honorable to God, and are willing to sacrifice to live this way. Through their choices, they both show that they will not compromise faithfulness to meet their own needs. As a result, they are seeing God’s plan unfold and one that will have positive repercussions for many generations!

Stay tuned for next week’s reading!


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