05-23-16 Insight Post

This parable is a little different from Jesus’ other parables in that neither of the main characters are “good guys”. Both the steward and his master appear to be dishonest in their dealings and at first glance it may look like Jesus is endorsing this, but we need to look deeper. Jesus is highlighting the point to his audience that was likely his disciples as well as others including Pharisees, that the kingdom of God operates differently than the world. Verse nine has the heart of what Jesus is teaching, “Use your worldly resources to benefit others….”

This past week has been spent trying to wrap up all the details from 2016 Food Fight. It was an amazing event with a truly miraculous ending of breaking the Feed My Starving Children record and packing 5,044,464 meals. As our people gave to make this event a reality, “using your worldly resources to benefit others” was truly lived out! Nearly 14,000 children will be fed for a year because of your generosity.

Another point of this parable has to do with faithfulness. If we are faithful with a little, we will be trusted with more. I have seen this principle lived out over and over at New Hope as God has entrusted us with more people, expanded our outreach, and given us greater goals for being his hands and feet to the world. But we need to remember that faithfulness starts with us as individuals. How well am I using the things that God has entrusted to me? Am I generous in my dealings with others? Most importantly, am I looking for opportunities to be like Jesus to those around me? Pray that God will make us more and more faithful as individuals but also as a community of believers.

Kim Feld

Discipleship Director

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