06-15-16 Insight Post

Since Sunday, the news has lead with the massacre in Orlando where 50 were murdered and dozens of others wounded. One item caught my attention and that of several national news outlets. A pastor of a church in Sacramento, CA celebrated the deaths of the patrons of the gay nightclub as, “a help to society.” He said he wasn’t advocating that his parishioners do the same, but said that those who were killed, “deserve what they got.” Wow!

Jesus displays a very different attitude as He looks out over Jerusalem, knowing that soon He would be betrayed, unjustly tried, convicted and then horribly executed. Jesus didn’t call down heaven’s army to give His adversaries what they deserved; instead He had deep compassion for their utter lostness.

As His followers we need to be careful to model our values and attitudes after Jesus. He is never soft on sin but he is also compassionate with sinners. His tears weren’t a sign of weakness, but of a broken heart.

Let’s be honest, if God gave each of us what we deserve, we would be separated from Him forever. Jesus’ tears show us the heart of a Holy and Loving God.

Let’s learn from His example.


Sr. Pastor

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