06-17-16 Insight Post

I’ve always enjoyed telling this story to our kids around Easter time. It’s fun to talk about Jesus riding on the donkey and all the people yelling “Hosannah” and waving the palm branches. I like talking about how Jesus rode on the donkey instead of a big white stallion because he was bringing peace and love. But, the part I really like thinking about is when the two disciples went to get the donkey. How did that go down exactly?

The Bible doesn’t give many details about how the disciples acquired the donkey. I’m lead to believe that the donkey belonged to someone else. So, what was it like going up and taking someone’s donkey because Jesus told them to?

I wonder what the disciples were thinking while they were doing it. Were they nervous? Were they afraid? Were they prepared for a fight? After they were confronted and took the donkey anyway, how did they feel? Did they feel guilty? Did they feel invigorated? What was their conversation like on the way home? Did they realize they were just part of the biggest, most important plan in all of history? Did they know they would be talked about for years and years to come, because of the role they played in Jesus’ final week on earth?

The part that sticks with me the most is that regardless of any fears or doubts the disciples may have had about going on this seemingly crazy task, they did it anyway. Jesus gave them an assignment that I think must have felt weird, uncomfortable, and maybe even a little scary, but still they did it. I think I would have come up with more than a few excuses as to why I shouldn’t go and get that donkey. “I don’t think I really understand what you mean.” “I don’t really like donkeys.” “I’m not equipped to handle a donkey properly.” “I don’t have time to pick up a donkey, they are really slow and I have a lot to do today.”

I don’t think Jesus is going to ask me to take someone’s donkey in the near future but he does ask me to do things I am afraid of or have doubts about everyday. How many times do I say “no” when Jesus asks of me “I want you say your sorry even though they hurt your feelings first.” “Clean up this mess even though you didn’t make it.” “Trust me even though you don’t understand.” “Call just to say hi, right now.” How many times do I miss out on playing my part in a bigger story because I’m afraid or too busy? I don’t want to say no. I don’t want to miss out on an amazing adventure that Jesus has planned for me. I want to be more like the disciples that took the donkey that day and be able to say confidently, “because Jesus told me to.”

Stephanie Schleyer

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