07-04-16 Insight Post

I have really enjoyed reading these passages outside of the Easter season. I find when I read these at another point in the year, as well as the Christmas story, that things stick out to me that may not when I’m focused on Easter or Christmas. Let’s dig in a little.

Jews celebrate Passover as a remembrance of God delivering them from their slavery in Egypt during the time of Moses. The Festival of Unleavened Bread was to be a reminder for the people about their Exodus from Egypt. God told them to leave quickly which meant baking their bread for the trip without using yeast for rising. You can read more about this in Exodus 12. So, it was during the time of Passover that Jesus had his last meal with his disciples.

That evening must have been overwhelming for the disciples as Jesus shared with them about his imminent death, and connecting the meal with himself as the final Passover lamb. The sacrifice that will end the need for all future sacrifices. Jesus himself will be the final atonement for all sins with his own shed blood.

I love how honestly people are portrayed in scripture. Here’s a night rich in meaning and emotion and yet, the disciples begin arguing over who is going to be the greatest among them. How did Jesus not completely lose it with them?! But once again, Jesus patiently teaches them and even gives them another glimpse into who he is as he shares Satan’s request and how he has prayed for them. It’s so encouraging to me to know that Jesus knew that Peter was going to fall, and yet he prayed for him and also knew that Peter would return.

The Lord’s Supper is now our reminder of the price that was paid for us. Just as Passover is the remembrance of God’s deliverance from slavery, the Lord’s Supper is our remembrance of our deliverance from sin. Please take some time this week to reflect on the incredible gift we have been given.

Kim Feld

Executive Director of Education and Outreach

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