08-17-16 Insight Post

Recently, I’ve seen pictures of the devastation from the Atomic bomb that leveled Hiroshima, Japan in World War II. The world had never seen anything like it before and were stunned when they saw the destruction. The reading this week in Luke has a similar impact only greater – all of heaven and earth is in stunned agony as God’s Son, the Creator and sustainer of the universe, is slain. It is only 6 verses, but in them we see that Jesus’ sacrificial death is unlike any death before or after. The sky goes dark and the earth violently shakes in anguish over the death of their Creator. Then the curtain in the temple rips in two as a sign that the Savior’s mission is accomplished. The old covenant laws and regulations that paved the way for His coming have been fulfilled. A new covenant is established, providing direct access to God through Christ as Savior and Lord to all who surrender their lives to Him.

I hope you will join me this week and gaze at this scene long enough to let the enormity of what Jesus did for you and me, really take hold of our hearts and minds.


Sr. Pastor

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