Option Two- Week of September 12th

Group Discussion Questions:

In the message, following Jesus is described as being an adventure (unusual and exciting experience). Do you agree? Why or why not.

Talk through the bridge diagram that illustrates Romans 6:23.

Reflections for those who haven’t yet crossed the line of faith or aren’t sure:

  • Where are you right now on the bridge? What do you see ahead? Looking back?

  • What do you think life will look like once you have crossed?

  • What are some obstacles to getting there?

  • What are some steps to take to get there?

Reflection for those who have crossed the line:

  • What was difficult for you in deciding to accept Jesus?

  • Think about some of your close friends, loved ones, neighbors, classmates or co-workers. Where do think they are on the bridge?

  • Could you explain how to begin a relationship with Jesus to a friend?

Action Step Suggestions:

For those who aren’t yet followers of Jesus (or aren’t sure):

  • Talk with my group leader or friend who is a follower about accepting Jesus.

  • Get one of the books below and learn more.

  • Sign up for our Starting Point class starting on Saturday, September 24th at 5:30 pm.

For those who are followers:

  • Make a list of family and friends who aren’t yet followers and pray for each of them several times this week.

  • Learn how to explain to someone how to become a follower using the Bridge picture.

Digging deeper:

Luke 15

John 4

Memory verse:

Romans 6:23 (see message notes)


  • Starting Point (bit.ly/sp-fall2016)

  • Letters from a Skeptic – Greg Boyd

  • The Case for Faith- Lee Strobel

  • The Case for Christ – Lee Strobel

  • More Than a Carpenter –Josh McDowell

  • The Reason for God –Tim Keller

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