Option Two- Week of September 26th

Group Discussion Questions:

When you are heading out on a long trip, how do you decide what to take with you? Think about a time when you forgot to bring an essential item. What was it like to be without it?

What happens to a follower of Christ if they don’t understand and know how to use the resources that God has provided? Was there a time in your life when you experienced problems as a result of this?

Let’s look at the four resources in our notes. (Read the passages in the notes for each one.)

The Bible

Think about the words used to describe the Bible’s role for us. How does the Bible accomplish the various roles mentioned: food, life-manual, light and protection? Being honest, how would you rate your familiarity with using the Bible?

The Holy Spirit

What difference does it make that the Bible refers to the Holy Spirit as ‘a person’ and not merely a force? How can someone experience the power that the Holy Spirit offers us? (See Acts 1:8 and John 14:21) Can you think of a time when it was clear to you that the Holy Spirit was strengthening you/giving you peace?


Studies show that many people who say they are Christians have seldom or never experienced answered prayer. Why do you think this is so?

What are the different ways God may answer our prayer? What might explain God waiting to answer a specific prayer?


Read Hebrews 10:24.25 and think about specific ways being and having teammates on the journey can help us. Also: Review the previous week’s message about the church.

Next Step Suggestions

  • Continue/Start the New Hope Bible Reading plan

  • Get a good study Bible. The Quest is a good one.

  • Find someone to pray with you about some specific things over the next week

  • Commit to memory a verse from this week’s teaching that has impacted you

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