12-14-16 Insight Post

There is a lot we can discover in this short passage. Of course, there is much that we don’t know about Lydia and her friends. What led them to decide to worship together? What kind of spiritual background did they grow up with? Why were there no men gathered with them? We only get to know one of the women. Lydia was wealthy and successful and often people in this situation are treated as if they wouldn’t be the least bit interested in hearing about or accepting Jesus. Paul set an example for me and you here, by (1) remembering that everyone needs the forgiveness and life that Jesus offers and (2) freely explaining it to Lydia and her friends so that God could do His work of opening their hearts. This is a picture of the partnership we have with God. He has assigned us the privilege and responsibility of showing and telling – showing others the difference Jesus makes in our lives and then telling them how they too can have it. It’s as simple as that. We aren’t called to pressure, push or manipulate, just show and tell. When we do our job then God will do His. He is the one that can break through defenses of fear, confusion, and misinformation by the work of His Holy Spirit. Our job is to do the fishing and when we do He will work on the catching. As we enter the last days before Christmas we have a unique opportunity to fish. Who do you know that isn’t a follower of Christ or part of a church? Take a moment right now and write their names down. Now, take a few minutes and invite them by email, text, call or walk over to their home, desk or cubical and invite them to come to one of our Christmas Eve services at New Hope. Do it with confidence, knowing that God is working behind the scenes to get their attention and trust that whether they say, yes, no or maybe that your invitation is part of God’s plan to help them take a step closer to Him. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]rusty

Sr. Pastor

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