12-16-16 Insight Post

When Paul arrived in Phillippi there was no synagogue or official place of worship for the Jews, so Paul found a group of women who met by the river to pray. Paul stayed with them, taught them, and explained the gospel to them. That lead to Lydia making a decision to follow Jesus and then leading those around her to also believe.

It would have been very unusual for Paul to even talk to these women much less stay and teach them about Jesus. In those times women were not considered important or even smart so only the men were taught. Why did he stay? Why did he care about them? Why did he spend his time teaching them about Jesus? They were not considered important. They were women and they were minorities. Still Paul cared enough to sit with them and teach them. I think he did it because he understood how Jesus loved all people, and he knew these women didn’t know the whole story.

Who are the ‘minority women meeting by the river to pray’ in your life? Who are the people that are on the outside? Maybe they don’t feel like they would be accepted at church for who they are or maybe they have not had a good experience at church before. Who are the people that know about Jesus but don’t really know him? They celebrate Christmas but they maybe don’t have the correct focus. Christmas is such a great opportunity to reach out to people and invite them to church to learn more about this Christianity thing and to learn who Jesus really is and how much he loves them no matter who they are. Invite them to church, invite them to dinner, serve them, love them right where they are. In the process tell them how much Jesus loves them.

Stephanie Schleyer

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