12-23-16 Insight Post

Injustice. It happens all the time. In this story it is unjust that a girl was possessed by a demon and then taken advantage of by slave owners. It was unjust when Paul cast the demon out of the girl, he was attacked instead of shown gratitude. It was unjust for Paul and Silas to be beaten and thrown in jail for helping someone. It was unjust for the jailer to believe that he should kill himself because he thought all the prisoners escaped after what he believed was a natural disaster. Injustice is all around us still today. Slavery still exists, people are sued or taken to court for trying to help others, people still believe they are worthless and better off dead. We see injustice in the poor, the weak, the minority, the disadvantaged, the confused or misinformed. This is a turbulent, crazy, unfair, unjust world. How can we help? How can we make a difference? Some problems are just too big and complicated for us to fix on our own or with one or two gestures or actions. It is difficult to know what to do. What did Paul and Silas do in the face of injustice? They worshiped God by singing songs and praying. God took care of the rest. He made the path that didn’t necessarily lead to justice but to something bigger – salvation.

So, when you see or experience injustice and feel helpless to fix it, don’t lean on your own strength and wisdom to change the situation. Lean on God and praise him for his infinite wisdom and power. He already has a plan and it is bigger and better than anything you could come up with on your own.

Stephanie Schleyer

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