1-23-17 Insight Post

This past week we wrapped up the book of Mark and are now heading into Acts. Acts was written by Luke who also authored one of the biographies of Jesus that bears his name. In the book of Acts, Luke records Jesus’ ascension, the selecting of another apostle to take Judas’ place, the coming of the Holy Spirit and multiple events surrounding the beginning and growth of the early church. Like the book of Mark, Acts is full of action as we get a front row seat to see the story of Jesus being spread around the world by people empowered and fully reliant on the Holy Spirit.

In the beginning of Acts, Luke records the disciples asking Jesus once again for a timeline on when He was going to free and restore Israel. This is an understandable question as the disciples knew the Old Testament teaching about Messiah and how His coming would bring the restoration of the kingdom of Israel. But Jesus diverts their thinking of political power with the words, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. “ This power that would be available to them would allow them to be witnesses of Jesus and spread the good news about Him both near and far.

The role of prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit are featured throughout the book of Acts. They both stand as reminders for me of the importance of prayer as a genuine priority in my life and of what the Holy Spirit can accomplish through a life that is yielded to Him. Finding time alone with God to not only pour out my heart to Him, but also to listen for what He wants to say to me are essential for my spiritual health. A heart that is in the right posture before God, open to His inspection and intervention, is a heart that He can use. It’s the kind of heart that the Holy Spirit can guide and direct without hindrance. I want that kind of heart to be mine.

Kim Feld

Executive Director of Education and Outreach

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