1-25-17 Insight Post

Adventure is the best single word I can think of to describe the life of following Jesus. It means a bold, risky and exciting undertaking and as we read through the book of Acts that is exactly what Jesus’ followers experience! In chapter 1, Jesus gives the disciples clear instructions to be busy telling others about Him and the new life He offers. To support them He will send His Holy Spirit to equip and guide. In chapter 2, we see the arrival of the Holy Spirit and the immediate impact on His followers as they boldly tell all of Jerusalem about Jesus and begin building a new community – the Church – around the message. As the book unfolds we see God working in and through His people to bring love, truth, healing, forgiveness and hope everywhere they go. This is the beginning of a movement that will shape the world. In spite of heavy persecution from powerful religious and political enemies the church flourishes.

This week as you read the story of the church as it launches, I hope you will join me in asking God to show us what He wants us to learn and apply as His church today. Remember, He is the same today as He was then and the mission He has given us remains the same – to help all people become fully devoted followers of Jesus. This is the adventure He has called us to and it deserves our full and undivided attention.


Sr. Pastor

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