4-10-17 Insight Post

I can’t believe it’s almost Easter! This whole month at New Hope is going to be so packed with such great things – Easter, our FMSC mobilepack and then our 25th anniversary celebration. It will definitely be an April to remember. My mind is so focused on Easter that it’s made for an interesting mix reading the first four chapters of Matthew about Jesus’ birth and beginning of His ministry. I’ve really enjoyed looking at the two events side by side. Here are a few things that have stood out to me this past week:

  1. The importance of Jesus’ genealogy. Matthew chapter 1 begins with identifying Jesus as the son of David and son of Abraham. Why was this important? Matthew’s purpose in writing his biography of Jesus was to show Jesus as the long-awaited King, son of David and Messiah that was prophesied about in the Old Testament. Where he came from mattered. As we approach Easter, we see the culmination of that as He is crucified King of the Jews and conquers death and the grave to sit on the throne for all time.

  2. Jesus is the connection between the two great covenants God made between Himself and David and Himself and Abraham. God’s covenant with David involved the promise that someone from David’s line would always sit on the throne (2 Samuel 7:8-13). God’s covenant with Abraham promised that through him all the families of earth would be blessed (Genesis 12:3). Jesus is the fulfillment of both.

  3. Matthew is making Old Testament connections on almost every page! Even in chapter four that records Jesus’ temptations after His 40 days of fasting, every word that he uses to refute Satan is from the Old Testament book of Deuteronomy.

Matthew’s biography bridges the 400 years of silence from the end of Malachi. He is writing to Jews that are familiar with the Old Testament teachings and prophecy and his aim is to prove that Jesus is the fulfillment of prophecy. Pay attention to all the details that Matthew brings to the forefront as we read through his biography of Jesus.


Kim Feld

Executive Director of Education and Outreach

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