7-28-17 Insight Post

When Jesus was buried, Joseph took his body and placed it in his own tomb. There was a group of women who followed and then went to prepare the spices and ointments to anoint Jesus’ body. They didn’t have time to finish before the Sabbath began so they paused their work and rested as commanded by law. Luke 23:50-56. This is absolutely fascinating to me how completely different it is from our society today. They were preparing for the Son of God’s burial and they stopped in the middle because the law says to rest on the Sabbath. I can’t imagine anything that would seem more pressing at the time than taking care of Jesus’ body and still they obeyed God’s law to rest. Sometimes I can’t get to my quiet time with God because I just have to get this laundry done, or do the dishes, or finish that work assignment. It has to get done!

When I look at the example of these women and how they gave their complete trust over to God believing He knows what is best for them even it means stopping to prepare for Jesus’ burial I realize how incredibly ridiculous I am. Surely it can wait! Today I encourage you to not let your to do list become more important than the work, or rest, that God has planned for you. Imagine if the women had gone ahead and kept working and went on to prepare Jesus’ body right then instead of waiting. They would have missed out on the most important miracle of all time. Because they obeyed, because they waited, they went back to the tomb on the third day and were the first to witness that Jesus was no longer in the tomb, that He was alive. They saw it first hand! If they would have pressed on and kept going they would have missed it.

I wonder how much we miss because we press on instead of taking the command of Sabbath seriously. I’m going to work harder at obeying this command to rest. It’s tough because I like to work, I like to stay busy, but I believe that God knows best and I don’t want to miss something big because I didn’t take the time to rest. I hope you will, too.


Steph Schleyer

Family Life Director

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