8-28-17 Insight Post

When I was younger, I remember my mom saying that she didn’t “feel” any different than she did when she was young; the only difference was that her body didn’t respond like it once did. I thought that was such an odd thing to say. I mean, you must feel older as you get older, right? But now that I’m older, I completely understand what she meant. My earthly body longs for the heavenly model that won’t wear out and will have so many exciting features that this model doesn’t have. Like Paul, I’m not wishing for death, but I’m looking forward to heaven and all its perks, namely, Jesus.

Jesus is where it all begins and ends. We would be lost without hope if it weren’t for Jesus. He reconciled us to God. His death made a way for us to be restored in our relationship with God, the relationship that sin had destroyed. He is the only way to the Father. His cross bridged the gap between us and God and by accepting His gift, we become walking billboards for reconciliation. We are living examples of the message of reconciliation. And not only that, Jesus gave us the ministry of reconciliation. That has a two-fold meaning – we are to show others the way to be reconciled with God, AND we are to be living examples of reconciliation in our own lives.

Being reconciled to God is like a rebirth. Our old way of life is gone and now we are called to a new way of living. This new way of living should be visible to others in the way we interact, the way we react, and the way we impact those around us. We should look different from the world, so different that those who are far from Jesus would be intrigued enough to check Him out.

An ambassador is a representative and that’s what we are. We are Jesus’ ambassadors. I feel like I need that tattooed on my eye lids so that every time I blink I see the word ambassador. Because, sometimes I forget who I am and need to be reminded. Maybe you needed that reminder today too, fellow ambassador. Let’s take our role seriously today and hold each other accountable to it. There’s too much at stake not to.


Kim Feld

Executive Director of Education and Outreach

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