6-1-18 Insight Post

When hard times strike your life it’s easy to feel distance between yourself and God. Maybe you are accustomed to a relationship that feels more like a honeymoon. You realize God is great, He loves you, He wants the best for you, and He has saved you through his Son Jesus. It’s easy to love God and feel strong in your relationship when everything is good. Then something tragic happens that is out of your control and you feel like, “Why has God forsaken me? Why has He let this happen?” You cry and struggle and wonder where God is?

Have you ever been in a relationship that has gone through a tough time? If you make it to the other side, your relationship with that person ends up being even stronger. I believe that is true because to really deal with the problem you have to get personal. You have to take it deeper. You move from the surface things of life to the real stuff. I also believe that this is where God wants to be with us. He wants us to go beyond a relationship with Him that is based on the surface – ‘thank you for my food and shelter, please bless our day and keep us safe, please heal my grandmother’. He wants a relationship with us that is built on respect and praise but also one that is personal and real. One where you can go openly to Him with your every thought, fear, and joy. One where you feel comfortable with the struggles of real life. One where you believe in Him, trust Him, and truly love Him when your life is good and when it’s bad.

He is your rock. His love never changes for you. He wants you to get to the place in your relationship with Him where you really know that, deep down, not just on the surface. Sometimes it requires a little pain or some struggle. There is no denying it hurts but it’s worth it. God has so much more to offer you. Don’t run from Him during the tough times of your life. Go ahead and face Him, get real, get personal. When you get to the other side, your relationship will be stronger.


Steph Schleyer

Family Life Director

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