Option Two- Week of June 25th

Take some time to review the message notes and the Bible passages. As you do, ask God to help you identify how you prioritize the sources of happiness in your life.

How do you think you would have responded to God if you got the same offer Solomon got?

  • Long life, money, power, reputation, education, oratory abilities

How do you think God would feel about your request?

We just do not want to give Him control, so we begin to lose the blessings of happiness and joy. This is especially true for followers of Christ. We feel:

  • Slighted

  • Jealous

  • Fearful

  • We begin to replace God with gods of our own (i.e. money, reputation, power, etc.)

So, how can we find true happiness? We have to go to the most trustworthy source!

  • Put and keep God in the center of your life.

  • Read and understand the Bible – a great source is the New Hope Bible Reading Plan with the weekly teaching. (www.nhcbrp.com)

  • Practice His teaching (do what it says)

  • Trust His promises

  • Use Jesus as an example in your life

  • First and foremost – accept Him as Savior and Lord

  • Be a servant leader

  • Copy Jesus’ value and role of His church

  • Have real conversations with Him – every day

  • Ask for His leadership in your life…and mean it!

What is one step you can take this week to put what you’ve learned into action?

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