7-2-18 Insight Post

Today’s reading of Psalm 98 is pure praise; a song of joy for God’s power, strength, and ultimate victory over evil. We are told to sing a new song and to me, that’s a reminder that my relationship with God should be fresh and new every day, not relying on what I saw Him do last year or even last week, but today.

I started journaling again a few weeks ago and have really enjoyed writing out my praise to God. I feel like so often my prayer time is about things I’m requesting from God – help this person, heal that person, etc. But I find when I just start writing and recounting His goodness and mercy to me, I can fill pages.

Another byproduct of praise that I’ve found is that it changes my outlook. When I really focus on the fact that the King of Creation calls me His daughter, it changes things. It changes how I view situations but most importantly, it changes how I view myself. I am loved; I am delighted in; I have been purchased at an incredibly high price by a God who gave all He had to bring me back to Him. He is worthy of my praise and adoration and when I give it to Him, He gives me a heart of gratitude in return.


Kim Feld

Executive Director of Education and Outreach

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