7-23-18 Insight Post

Psalm 113 is another passage of scripture that reminds me of how different God’s values and standards often are in comparison to the world’s. The Bible paints a picture of our primary purpose in life being to love God with all that we have and all that we are. Everything about our lives should be lived as an act of worship. But the world tells us that our lives should be about achievement of goals, advancing of agendas, status and wealth. The Bible says give your life away to find it; the world says your life is measured by what you have and do.

Praise of God is so evident in creation. The amazing variety of colors and textures is so beautiful; all of nature reflects the heart of its Creator. This Psalm speaks of praise of God occurring everywhere – from east to west as God sits upon His throne looking down on it all from the highest height, and yet, he stoops down to enter in. That still amazes me.

Throughout scripture God’s heart for the poor and disenfranchised is so evident. He picks them up and places them in an elevated position. He sees the pain of the brokenhearted and seeks to ease it and make it right. What and who He values is so different from the world’s standard.

Just imagine what kind of world we could have if we chose to surrender our hearts for His. Justice and goodness would rule and light and love would overshadow the darkest night. One day. One day.


Kim Feld

Executive Director of Education and Outreach

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