8-20-18 Insight Post

A quick search on Amazon of “anxiety” yields over 90,000 results, everything from books about how to deal with it, to weighted blankets and supplements to lessen its impact. We live in an anxious world. Fear of the future, unhappiness in the present and dysfunction from the past can all contribute to the anxiety that so many deal with on a daily basis. It can be paralyzing.

The words of Psalm 131 stand in stark contrast to an anxiety filled world. These words speak of peace and contentment which is in opposition to the striving that can result in anxiety. The Psalm ends with David encouraging all of Israel to put their hope in the Lord – now and always. Sometimes, misplaced hope can be the cause of anxiety in our lives.

I would never tell an anxious person to “just calm down” any more than I would tell a depressed person to “just cheer up”. There are times that the situation is much deeper than that and requires help outside of ourselves. But I do believe that God and His word have a role in healing and restoration for those that call themselves Christ followers. Many times, during the darkest days, people that are far from God are drawn to Him as well. He is a solid place to put our hope and trust.

Search your heart as your read this Psalm today. Where is your hope found?


Kim Feld

Executive Director of Education and Outreach

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