11-12-18 Insight Post

Today’s reading in John 10 paints a beautiful picture of Jesus referring to Himself as our shepherd. This picture was shared prophetically in the Old Testament as an identifier for Messiah. Ezekiel 34:23 says:

23 And I will set over them one shepherd, my servant David. He will feed them and be a shepherd to them.

This was written long after King David’s death as a way of saying that Messiah would come from David’s lineage and would be a shepherd for the people. Messiah would guide, comfort, and faithfully protect His people. In John 10, Jesus tells us that He is that shepherd Messiah that was predicted so many years before.

In this chapter, Jesus also brings up something that has really stuck with me. In talking with the people who were trying to figure out who He was (and their assessment ran the gambit from demon possessed to blasphemer) He tells them to look at His actions in making their assessment. His words and actions mirrored those of His Father. So, I have to ask myself the question, “Do my words and actions mirror those of Jesus?”

It’s often said that actions are to be trusted more than words. We can all talk a good game, but what about what we actually do? Do our actions match our words? I identify myself as a follower of Christ, but do my actions support that or detract from it? Could someone look at my life and be able to understand what it means to follow Christ in a practical way based on what they see?

We all have opportunities presented to us every single day to show the love of Jesus by our actions. There’s a quote by William J. Toms that is so true: “Be careful how you live; you will be the only Bible some people ever read.” If what we say we believe doesn’t inform the way we live there’s a serious disconnect and it will be evident to those around us. We live in a world that desperately needs to see to Jesus in you and me.


Kim Feld

Executive Director of Education and Outreach

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