Option Two- Week of November 12th

Some questions to consider:

Why is knowing the history and uniqueness of the Bible so important?

What impacted you in this week’s message?

Read and discuss the following scriptures. What stands out to you?

2 Peter 1:12-21

John 7:16-18

What are some next steps you can take to continue your education on the truth of the Bible and about Jesus?

If you don’t currently have a regular plan for reading and learning your Bible, please check out New Hope’s Bible Reading Plan by going to nhcbrp.com.

The Museum of the Bible is a world-class resource for learning about the Bible. To find out what it offers and to plan a visit, go to MuseumoftheBible.org.

For additional materials on apologetics, please check out www.rzimacademy.org or other resources by C.S. Lewis, Michael Ramsden, Ravi Zacharias, Amy Orr-Ewing, Tom Price, Stuart McAllister or John Lennox.

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