12-24-18 Insight Post

Every Monday morning at 10am our church staff has our weekly meeting. We debrief the weekend services and all the events that have occurred the previous week. We also discuss the events that are coming up, to include the next weekend’s services, followed by an “around the table” where we all give specific updates about our areas that impact the others. A couple of weeks ago in the midst of lots of talk of Christmas, one of our staff members who I won’t name (he’s the one who keeps our facility, grounds, buses, etc. up and running – thanks, Pat!), mentioned the number of days we had until Easter. We all groaned; Easter? We were just trying to get through Christmas! But the reality is that Christmas and Easter will always be linked.

As we read the events of Luke 19 today marking the last week of Jesus’ life on earth, I’m reminded that without Easter, Christmas would mean very little. Without Easter, Jesus was just a good man, a prophet who lived and died. But Jesus’ death and His resurrection changed everything.

Today, Christmas Eve, spend some time thanking God not only for the gift of Christmas, but the incredible sacrifice of Easter. The greatest gift ever given for you and me came in a lowly manager, setting aside the splendor of heaven for us. Emmanuel, God with us, is more than a lovely Christmas thought; it’s our reality because of Christmas and Easter. I pray you feel the fullness and peace of that this Christmas.


Kim Feld

Executive Director of Education and Outreach

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