05-10-19 Insight Post

Peter loves Jesus! He is passionate about his following. He gets out of the boat and attempts to walk on water. He chops off ears. He tells Jesus he will die for Him. But, somehow there is always something in the way. He gets distracted by the world. His last attempt to show Jesus His devotion, he says that he will never deny Him, even if it means death. Not only does he deny he even knows Jesus, he does it three times. Peter had the passion, he had the desire, but he let his own fears hold him back. Fear held him back when he walked on water, and fear held him back again when he denied Jesus before his execution.

Jesus calls us. He has good work for us to do. It doesn’t always make sense. We aren’t always equipped and we don’t always have the skills. This is where Jesus shines. When we don’t have the goods but we follow anyway, Jesus gets all the glory. We don’t follow through with our calling for many different reasons. Maybe we are afraid, don’t trust that Jesus will come through, let guilt hold us back, care more about how people think of us than Jesus, or just want life to be a little easier. Why do you fail to follow Jesus’ when He calls you? I’m like Peter, I’m pulled back by fear and I care a little too much about how people will think of me. What are your excuses? We should all try to figure them out and then lay them at Jesus’ feet. He forgave Peter for his denial and then gave him the responsibility of raising the church. What might He have in store for you?


Stephanie Schleyer

Director of Family Ministry

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