08-13-19 Insight Post

In Romans 1, Paul explains that the world has “….traded the truth about God for a lie”(25). If this is true, most people are building their lives on a foundation of lies! Don’t do that….that’s an accident waiting to happen! It is far better to build our lives firmly grounded on truth. The Bible is full of incredible truths about salvation, love, relationships, work, money, raising children, following leadership, etc. The Bible is the real deal, and there has never been another book like it in the history of the world. However, all that incredible truth and teaching means nothing if it doesn’t reach our inner selves. In order for the Bible to shape our thinking, we have to read it and wrestle with what it says. It is more than O.K. to ask honest questions and test its’ teachings at home and at work. Do they work? Are they true? You can’t know until you actually test drive them on the roads of your daily life! Most people are building their lives on what they think the Bible says or by messages from TV and movies about religion. I dare you to pick up the Bible and ask God to reveal himself to you as you read! You might be shocked at what life can look like when it is built on a foundation of truth! Read these two verses and spend some time thinking about them. “They know the truth about God because he has made it obvious to them. For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities-his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God”(19-20). Could it be that the existence of God is actually obvious? Could it be that the world is like a big business card from God? Could the evidence be so overwhelming that no one has an excuse for not knowing God? As I read the verses above from Romans 1, I was transported back to a specific memory from my childhood. From an early age, I dealt with anxiety. The number one verse I would repeat to myself as a kid was, “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life”(Luke 12:25)? I held on to that verse and repeated it as if it were a sword to strike out against that which threatened to do me in. I would get outside every chance I could get. Being outside allowed me to relax and feel alive! On this particular day, the wind seemed good for kite flying, so I set out on my bike to find the perfect spot. I found a large open field with tall green grass. As I stood watching, I remember thinking the field looked like a vast green ocean pitching and rolling as it danced in the wind. I stashed my bike in the tall grass alongside the road and followed a small creek out to the middle of the field. I found a promising spot by the creek and held the red kite up with my left hand while grasping a fishing pole with my right hand. I tied the kite to the fishing line on my fishing pole and pushed the casting button to let her fly! As I watched the kite floating high in the sky, I lay down in the tall grass and disappeared from everything. It was nice to feel the warm sun on my face as I escaped from life’s troubles. It was one of the most perfect, peaceful memories of my life. It felt like everything was in slow motion as I watched the red kite soar effortlessly against the blue and white backdrop. When I closed my eyes, the only thing I could hear was the faint rustling of the tall grass as it swayed back and forth in the wind all around me. In that moment, everything was perfect. I felt no stress. I was free. When was the last time you just sat before God and his creation? When was the last time you slowed down enough to hear the beat of your own heart and listen to the crickets and frogs? When was the last time you looked for God in his incredible creation? Maybe God’s eternal power and divine nature isn’t such a mystery? Maybe it’s time to go fly a kite…..


Dan Dever

Director of Small Group & Lay Counseling Ministries

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