Option Two- Week of December 16th

Take a moment to ask God to help you consider the opportunities you will have over the next 2-3 weeks to show devotion to Him and love for others. [Jesus says that these are the top priorities for those who follow Him – Matthew 22:36-39]

List here all the opportunities that come to your mind – family, church, work, school, neighborhood. Don’t prioritize, just list!

Now look back at the list and honestly ask yourself what God’s view is of the list.

Are there some things missing?

Things that He is probably not all that keen on?

Are there things on your agenda that God sees as distractions from what is most important?

Now think four weeks out. What do you think Jesus would like for you to have done over these next few weeks? What would you be proud of having offered to Him in your service and devotion to His interests?

Rework your list and ask God to help you honor Him and love others well as a gift to Him this Christmas.


NLT – New Living Translation

TLB – The Living Bible

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