02-19-20 Insight Post

A friend of mine was on a company-wide conference call that included hundreds of employees across the country. During the call, one of the employees (thinking his mic was muted) said some outlandish and slanderous things about the Vice President who was leading the call. To make matters worse, the conference software automatically posted the name of whoever was speaking, so everyone knew who said it. Needless to say the ranks of the US unemployed increase by one immediately!

In prayer, we need to always remember who we are talking to, and keep our relationship with Him in a healthy place. Today we read in Psalm 5:2, “Listen to my cry for help, my King and my God, for I pray to no one but you.” (NLT) In these few words is a significant truth about prayer - I need to keep who I am talking to in the forefront of my mind, and never forget that He is my King and my God. Knowing this changes my perspective…

- from what I want, to what is most important to Him.

- from my immediate needs, to His insight into what is best long-term.

- from personal comfort, to advancing His kingdom even if it costs me.

Knowing that I am addressing “my God and my King”, who also claims me as His adopted child, means that I can come to Him with anything, at any time, but His will always trumps mine. A helpful exercise is to write out some adjectives that the Bible uses to describe God’s character and the way He cares for His children. That way, when we pray, we can keep an accurate picture of Him in our hearts and minds.


Rusty Coram

Senior Pastor

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