Option Two- Week of February 23rd

After reviewing the message notes, consider the following questions. These would be good for a discussion with a friend, family member and/or Small Group.

In the message, we looked at the similarity between a computer operating system (OS) and how each of us processes and makes decisions.

How careful are you with your computer devices to make sure the OS doesn’t get corrupted or a virus?

What do you do to ensure your devices are “safe"?

Have you ever been infected with a computer virus or malware?

If so, what problems did it cause?

What did you do to remedy the situation?

Now consider your life being directed by beliefs, values, attitudes and principles - the operating system that guides you. How was your life OS programmed? Are you careful to make sure that bugs, viruses and malware don’t infect you?

Are you careful to vet your beliefs, values, attitudes and principles with what the Bible clearly teaches? If not, why?

God makes it clear that His followers need to regularly learn what the Bible teaches, adopt His wisdom, and adjust any thinking that is different to be in line with His. If we do, we will be blessed. If we don’t, we will make a mess of our life and other’s.

What will you do this week to continue/begin to make sure you are growing in wisdom?


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NLT – New Living Translation

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