03-30-20 Insight Post

Today’s reading of John 4:32, 34 comes after Jesus’ conversation with the woman at the well. His disciples find Him talking alone with a woman, which was frowned upon at the time in the culture, but they didn’t ask Him about it. They did, however, press Him to eat to which He replied that He had food that they didn’t know about and that food was to do His Father’s will. Confusing to say the least for the disciples. So, what was Jesus talking about?

This month’s focus on fasting has hopefully opened our eyes to some things about our own relationship with food or any other thing that we consider to be a necessity in our lives. Jesus is making the point to His disciples that His sustenance comes from obedience to God. He’s not saying that He doesn’t need food, but that obeying God provides in a way that food alone cannot.

We are encouraging everyone to fast again today leading up to our time of prayer tonight on Zoom at 7 pm. I hope you will join us in our prayer time; it was really powerful last week and is something that we plan to continue for as long as we are unable to meet in person. God is working in this midst of this crisis and He is calling us as His people to faithful obedience and trust. He will see us through.


Kim Feld

Executive Director of Education and Outreach

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