04-20-20 Insight Post

I hope you are all doing well and are staying healthy. Please let us know if you have any needs or if there is anything we can do for you. You can send us an email at info@newhope.org or if you have a prayer request that you would like us to pray for, send us an email at prayerteam@newhope.org

I also want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you that participated in our Snack Pack Attack. All the food has been purchased enabling us to put together 5,000 snack packs for Lorton Community Action Center to distribute! We are still getting all the shipments in but will be opening up volunteer slots for food packing very soon.

I love the NLT of our verse today:

“You made me; you created me.

Now give me the sense to follow your commands.”

Psalm 119:73

No one knows us better than the One who created us, and His commands were given to us not to harm us, but to give us the very best life possible. Asking God to give us the sense to follow the commands He has put into place seems like a great request!

We’ve been looking at the spiritual discipline of study and are using Richard Foster’s Celebration of Discipline as a guide to help us. As a review, Foster outlines four steps to effective study of God’s Word. They are repetition, concentration, comprehension, and reflection. We’ve talked about repetition and concentration so this week our focus is comprehension. This is a big one because I often hear from people that the reason they don’t read and study their Bibles is because they don’t understand what it is saying. God has a vested interest in us understanding His word! It wouldn’t be of much use to us if we couldn’t understand it. Foster reminds us that Jesus said in John 8:32 that it’s not just the truth that sets us free, but knowing the truth is the key to freedom in Christ.

Reading God’s word over and over and really focusing our concentration on it will yield comprehension. I bet if you think about it, you will agree that we follow that process with other things we are trying to learn; we don’t just give up if the first reading leaves us fuzzy on the meaning. I believe the key is desire – do I really want to know what God’s word says? Commentaries, dictionaries, and other study aids can be useful, but only AFTER I’ve spent time with the text myself. The God of the Universe wants to speak to us directly through His word – that’s one of the primary means that He uses to communicate with us. Spend time with His word first yourself and then if you want to expand on what you’ve read ask someone whose spiritual walk you trust to read through it with you or seek out a commentary to add depth to your understanding. God wants you and me to understand what He’s communicating to us through His word, but it takes time and effort. I’m praying that during this pandemic that we use our time wisely and devote some to getting to know our Father better through the study of His word.


Kim Feld

Executive Director of Education and Outreach

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